May 2020 Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading for the Month of May 2020 – with special insight on dealing with Covid-19. What you should know and what you can do about it on a personal level.

May 2020 Tarot Reading

Deck used: Ethereal Tarot, Created by Matt Hughes

Note: The readings are made with cards showing energy at the time of reading. In such volatile situation where things are changing daily – a complete change of energy can give a completely different outcome. Understand future is not hardwired as most of us think – a paradox of divination! 


Top Row (3 Cards) – Covid 19 Outlook in Mumbai, India and World

Bottom Row: [ What you should know at this time ? ] – [What is the solution to deal with uncertainty ? ] – [What is the scope for your work / business ?] – [What is the Advice to handle personal economy ? ]


The Reading shall cover the following aspects:

  1. Covid 19 Outlook in Mumbai, India and World for May 2020.
  2. What you should know at this time ? 
  3. What is the solution to deal with uncertainty ? 
  4. What is the scope for your work / business ?
  5. What is the Advice to handle personal economy ? 
Cards Picked

What is the Covid outlook for May 2020 ?


The card for Mumbai for Covid 19 turns out to be King of Swords. King represents Authority, Power and Control. Compared to last readings of April 2020 with Covid-19 insight and Covid 19 in Mumbai, where we had Major Arcana card – Justice and Emperor which represented power from Central Government. The King here represents State Government being a court card. It still shows in May Mumbai will be under strict restrictions. There will be rule enforcements and measures to curb spread of virus even further to what exist. The crow on the king could represent powerful measures coming from experts including Central Government and Health officials. Mumbai will continue to be under strict measures and scrutiny for the Month of May. So, there is a good chance of extension of Lockdown in Mumbai.


The Card for India comes out to be the Wheel of Fortune. This could be a Game changer for India as a country. The hooded lady does bring many deaths but there will be a sudden change of events – could be either positive or negative but more so on positive side due to nature of surrounding cards which have a positive influence. What may be a raging battle against virus may start to show considerable improvement in country as a whole. Not that it will be Covid free. Things are going to change soon and yes destiny has a role to play here. This will be highly beneficial for India. The wheel of Fortune will turn in an unexpected way for India in the month of May.


A Major Arcana card for the world comes out to be The High Priestess. Big events are about to come to light. What is hidden may get revealed. This could be in relation to the Source of start of virus or the vaccine for it. Something comes to light – but the virus is still here to stay. The High Priestess seems to have its secrets hidden so a breakthrough in treatment for virus is still not on cards. There may be many news that will still be kept away from people by the Government or the authorities.

What you should know at this time ? 

A beautiful card of 9 of Pentacles comes as a revelation at the individual level. This suggests that it is time to count our blessings and our financial assets of what we have built till date after putting our hard work for years. Can a sudden crisis like Covid-19 bring you to misery or a downfall to rags due to break in our work patterns ? We all have enough to sustain our survival – and there seems no need of worry about the losses at this moment.

It is time to make plans and have visions so big for future that will lift our spirits to get back to work. Now is the time to take rest, pick a few grapes from your garden you have cultivated over the years (as seen in the card imagery), assess what we have achieved so far. Is it enough or we need more ? The time for May brings in self reflection of what you have grown, what you want to make of life that has so much uncertainties in it. It is time to reflect – is the hustle and bustle of 9 to 5 jobs worth it ? Or is it purely to gain money ? When will you enjoy the benefits of it with uncertainties just looming around the corners ?

What is the solution to deal with uncertainty? 

The card of Loss – Financial worries. This is the 5 of Pentacles. This card suggests that worries about finances are about to rise but we need to give it enough time and be patient. We may be positive for few days but as we find situation getting grimmer our minds are going to fill back with muddy water of worries. The card also advises us to take care of our health. Avoid all decisions or moves that you make to gain money while putting your health at risk. This can literally backfire. You don’t have to over react to cover for the losses. Time of May is difficult in matters of money and health. The only solution to uncertainty is to wait for the storm to pass and be patient.

What is the scope for your work / business ?

Queen of Swords– You may find yourself still under control of authority on how you can lead your business. Some business are about to get the greens from the government but it will be with lots of restrictions. The Queen of Swords can be harsh at times and can actually change things if they don’t move as per her will. Business will still be difficult for this month of May. Its not the ‘normal’ work day yet !

What is the Advice to handle personal economy ? 

2 of Wands is a beautiful card when it comes to work. It’s  all about getting ready, decisions and looking forward to set things in motion. You can see the person is still waiting for desperation to make a move in the card image. He is all ready but the time is still not right to make the moves. This card asks you to be ready. Set goals about work and look forward- there may still be time but just be ready with your visions and plans. Now is not the time to underplay but to set visions.


Overall, all cards are positive except the 5 of Pentacles which represents financial losses which is indeed an issue. With the Wheel of Fortune and High Priestess being the major arcana cards, expect the unexpected change in events but mostly on the bright side. The cards have travelled from the Past readings of Emperor (representing severe control) to Justice (representing a balanced control) to King and Queen of Swords. This suggests that there is a lock down easing but the State government and state issues come in light. So if you are in bad zones expect a further lock down by local bodies. Also none of the cards show any movement- suggesting that country’s Public transports system are not much on to resume. 

The Quintessential Card which summarise the entire reading by a single card comes to be 10th card which is again the Wheel of Fortune card. May is going to bring about unexpected changes and events – Destiny comes in play this Month to a greater extent. Some may be lucky some may not. You will have little control and more is going to be in the hands of destiny – this May 2020 !

Accurate Predictions of Past

The Old Readings till date have had perfect resonance – You may wish to have a read and check how well things manifested exactly as cards had read the energy

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