Weekly Reading April 26-May 2, 2020

Deck Used: Spiritsong Tarot

Card Picked for Week: The Sun

Spiritsong Tarot

The rays of Hummingbird reach out warming everything in its path. He is a playful messenger of light and joy and thrives in an environment of beauty. He is the healer and draws energy from the nectars of life to create his own healing elixirs. He can fly backward and tap into the happy memories from the past which gives him a renewed energy.

The Sun and humming bird brings Enlightenment to all in his presence. It is time to enjoy fruits of labor from the past for the future is bright and sunny.

The Hummingbird advises us to rejuvenate ourselves with happy memories of past. Take a moment to look back at the past – how much hard have you worked – how much have you achieved so that here you are today. It’s something really marvellous. It is these daily efforts that fill our nectars of energy with healing elixirs. Good old days are here back again – recollect the good old childhood days of vacations – how about reliving those moments this week ?

Hold on for Joy and Vitality are on their way and the Sun’s Brightens will bring you a bright week of inspiration. All you have to do is remember the Hummingbird this week- in times of sadness fly back to past and when you need the spark – just look at the bright visions of future which the Sun represents: the Vitality and the Joy of life…

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