Book Review – The Tarot Bible




PAGES: 400


It took me around 15 days to get through the book. Well, the book is full of information but not a novel easy read that you can finish in a day or two especially if you are learning simultaneously. 
The book: Tarot Bible is a 400 page book by Sarah Bartlett to learn about Tarot. Its a basic book especially for beginner level. But is it worth devoting energy for this book ? 

The Tarot Bible – Sarah Bartlett


The content of the book is divided in two sections – Tarot Basics and the Tarot Directory. Tarot Basics tells you everything from basics of what Tarot is – its history. But the information is limited. A quick read can familiarise you to Tarot especially if you have no knowledge about Tarot. The Tarot Directory can be used in 2 ways. For beginners, it will be helpful for learning about the cards and for the advanced readers as a reference on card meanings so the name – Directory. 

The card description is 2 page per card with main keywords and descriptions. The meanings are good to read but to condense into understanding is really difficult. You can read through them but to pinpoint a structure or understanding of the card that you can remember and recollect is difficult. 

The Later half of the books contains spreads on Revelations, Relationships, Destiny and for everyday. This is a good section as it contains a lot of spreads that are quite useful. 
The end is also good but very limited – blends Tarot to Astrology, Kabbalah, Crystals, Tarot Magic Spells. But do note this is very limited but interesting.

The Inside of Book


  1. Basic and Best for Beginners
  2. For Intermediates – can serve as a reference.
  3. All aspects on Tarot that you need to know as a beginner are well covered.
  4. Using Tarot with Crystals is a new idea especially for beginners.
  5. Good charts for Tarot and Astrology, Numerology, Spells and Crystals
  6. Good collections of spreads.
  7. Relatively cheap in India at 499 Rs.


  1. If you are an advanced or Intermediate book – not much helpful. Can act as a reference guide though.
  2. Information is superficial and limited. 
  3. Card descriptions does not cover Symbols and Image descriptions is missing – what you see on the card. It states meanings in general which are quite difficult to remember and understand. 
The Tarot Bible


  1. Content …. 3/5
  2. Understanding …. 3/5
  3. Pricing …. 4/5
  4. Presentation 4/5
  5. Applicability …2.5/5
  6. Overall ….. 2.5/ 5 


For beginner it is a good book. It can be one time read book. I would not recommend it for Intermediate and Advanced readers unless you want to have it in your library or as a reference book. Information is limited – not interesting enough. For spreads – it has good collection. So, you can add to your library. 

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