General Terms, Refund and Delivery Policy


  1. Please Pay FIRST and fill in the form correctly. Incomplete or false data will lead to inaccurate readings
  2. The more specific you are on your question, the better the reading you will get. Avoid when and yes/no questions for Tarot/ Oracle/ Lenormand Reading.
  3. You will receive Confirmation by email within 24 hours once you have made the payment and filled the form
  4. Readings will be with detailed analysis personally done by me with images and explanations. You will get a digital pdf copy of your reading.
  5. Readings will Take 7 working days.
  6. Most reading will be delivered by Saturday Night.
  7. Astrology Kundli Readings will take up to 14 days.
  8. Be rest assured your payment is in safe hands and you will get the readings in due time.
  9. I do not provide Astrological Remedies.
  10. Reading Ethics:
    1. Readings should be done for yourself
    2. If you are asking to read someone else then
      1. Their consent is necessary or
      2. Consent may not be required if it is going to affect you or your life in someway.
    3. Remember Bad Intentions invite bad Karma


  1. Refund is only on Failure to deliver the reading.
  2. Delays in delivery are not subjected to Refund. (Read Delivery Policy). Only if reading is delayed by or more than 30 days – you can claim 100% Refund.
  3. You are charged for the Reading and Time NOT for the outcome or Fortune Telling
  4. There is 100% REFUND only in case the reading cannot be delivered.
  5. There is no cancellation after you have paid and signed up for reading. Additional Questions will not be entertained after you sign up for reading.
  6. You will be refunded 100% if your question is unethical or not acceptable by the reader.
  7. Your Money is safe – If you have signed up and Paid.


  1. All Readings will be delivered within 7 WORKING Days (Exclude Bank Holidays – India and Sundays)
  2. A Kundli reading will take 14 WORKING Days
  3. You will receive the readings in a pdf copy – via email. Please Set divinationgeek@gmail in contacts to avoid the mail ending in Spam Folder.
  4. Since card reading is based a lot on The Current Energy of the Reader (me !). There is a chance that your readings may be delayed – if I am not doing well emotionally or physically. You will be informed about the same via email in case of Delay in readings.
  5. In rare case, if the reading is delayed by over a month you can claim 100% refund.
  6. If you have opted for more than type of reading (like Tarot and Kundli), Note that delivery days get added [eg, Tarot (7) + Kundli (14) = 21 working days]

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