FAQ – Which Type of Reading should you Choose ?

At Divination Geek, I am offering a number of Divination Services. Currently, they are limited to six which include:

1. Tarot Card Reading

2. Oracle Card Reading

3. Lenormand Card Reading

4. Astrology (Kundli) Reading

5. Pendulum Dowsing

6. Treasure Charm Casting

The FAQ is What type of Reading should I Choose ?
It Depends on WHAT YOU WANT TO ASK !

  1. Tarot Card Reading
    1. It is Ideal if you want insights on your present situation, what is affecting, influencing your current problem and how best can you overcome it. It can offer you advice and at the same time – will also give you a glimpse of Future.
    2. It is more of empowering you – What you can do
    3. It is more of Awareness – You will realize what Influences are affecting your situation/ problem
    4. It is Best for multiple and specific question on a particular aspect.
    6. You have 3 options –
      1. Basic Quick Reading @ Rs 499 / 10 US $
        1. You can ask 1 Question
      2. Regular Tarot Analysis : @ Rs 999 / 15$
        1. You can ask upto 5 Question
      3. In Depth Reading Analysis: @Rs 1499 / 20$ (RECOMMENDED and BESTSELLER ! )
        1. You can ask upto 8 -12 Question on a topic / different topic
  2. Oracle Card Reading:
    1. If you need some advice – on what should you do
    2. Oracle Card reading are ideal for SPIRITUAL ADVICE or ADVICE Related to Self (like inspirational, self improvement, etc) rather than Practical aspects unlike Tarot reading.
    3. An in depth Tarot Reading includes Oracle Card Reading. If you are not sure, IN DEPTH TAROT READING is an Ideal Choice.
  3. Lenormand Card Reading:
    1. This is highly Situational
    2. Plane and Flat – It Tells what your situation is and how it will progress.
    3. Simple Quick read – Not much into advice.
  4. Astrology (Kundli) Readings:
    1. There are 2 options:
        1. General Questions like Marriage, Wealth, career (Broader aspects) are good to answer – Any 1.
        2. Time Frame can be well Gauged. Detailed focus on only one aspect you ask.
        1. General Questions like Marriage, Wealth, career (Broader aspects) are good to answer – Any 1 – Detailed Analysis.
        2. It will also give complete analysis of your general life covering all aspects from career, marriage, home, finances, etc
    2. I do not provide any remedies – like Puja, Fastings, Use of Gems or Dosha Nivaran (That is not a part of Divination but a part of Remedies)
  5. Pendulum Dowsing
    1. Ideal for Yes and No Questions
    2. Pinpointing Causes to a problem
    3. Best Choice among a list of Options you provide. or if you have questions that answer in multiple options.
    4. Upto 10 Questions can be taken up.
  6. Treasure Charm Casting
    1. Good For General Readings
    2. New and Recommended.
    3. Makes use of Lucky Charms specially selected for you based on your question and than they are casted on a board to read up.
    4. It is fun to see the insights you recieve !

WHICH AMONG THE ABOVE IS BEST FOR FUTURE PREDICTION ?If you are among those who feel Future is Prefixed and a Geek can predict it ! You are Wrong ! In that case you will get a worst reading from me. Divination makes use of energies and see a potential outcome – a outcome which is not a set stone in future. Those believing future is stone casted, will find all predictions done even by any of the greatest astrologer  / fortune teller in the world to be wrong.
What I do is assess is the current energy (Using Cards, Charms, Pendulum,etc) or your planetary positions (For Kundli readings) and predict a potential outcome if the energies continue to flow in the same manner. You always have the power to change the outcome – That’s what the purpose of Divination is ! Even for Kundli Readings –  if you know things to be evident beforehand like -you are going to be sick in next year : How well can you take of your health today to prevent sickness ?
Isn’t it empowering ?
That is why You should take a reading and not to know : Will I be happy in Future?
My Readings should help you achieve what you want and not create a doubt: Will I achieve it in the Future ?

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