Weekly Reading (April 19-25, 2020)

Deck Used: Archetypes by Kim Krans

Archetypes are the energy at its purest form. The very beginning or the basic of its type – more of primal origin.

We have a beautiful Archetype Energy running this week. The card picked for this week comes out to be that of “Archetype of The Healer”

One that we need the most at the time when world is in the Pandemic of Covid-19.

Could this primal energy bring the healing ? Is there a positive sign of development of a vaccine or a cure for Covid 19 this coming time ?

This Archetype of healing is in everyone of us. We have a wound in the body and it heals itself – without us doing anything actively – This is the power of this Archetypal Energy The Healer.

It is our natural inclination to remember, reclaim, return to the central and eternal life force from which we easily drift away. It is this forgetting from the source is what makes us susceptible to diseases and sufferings.

The Healer moves us through this forgetting to Source, veils of ignorance and denials to the reveal the Radiance that already exists within us. The Healer approaches in multiple layers.

The image of Serpent in the card is eternally tied to healing and medicine. Its all about getting back to Normal Radiant State

We pray and invite this Archetypal Energy of the Healer to bring about Healing needed and restore back to the original and our connection to The Source.

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