Weekly Reading (12 – 18 April 2020)

Deck used: Spirit Song Tarot

Card Picked: Page of Crystals (Ideas. Discipline)

Fox Spirit comes this week to guide our paths. Clever Fox is master at problem solving. Being grounded and focused he emerges from the forests as your guide this week to work with your ambition and ideas. His keen sense of observation is a powerful tool when it comes to dealing with everyday matters and setting events in motion.

The fox asks you to set clear goals while at home in Covid 19 Lockdown. Scattered thoughts at home can bring anxiety, depression and worries. Take time to recenter yourself and set goals. Its time to make some progress. Remember this time at home is a precious one – if you make it. You might never get such home stay to get in close bonding with your family.

Its time to get some discipline and set your ideas in motion for the coming time while you are at home.

Take care. May the Divine Light bring about the healing necessary !

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