April 2020 Tarot Reading (Special Insight on Covid-19)

As we suffer all over the world with an unprecedented Pandemic spread of Covid 19. There is a lot of uncertainty in relation to life, career, work, home lockdown, health, jobs and control of Covid 19.This reading is not intended to read on Covid 19 outcome. But the reading is more a glimpse on what April might bring for us. 

Date of Reading: 28 Mar 2020

 [ Insight on Lockdown] – [Covid 19 India] – [Covid 19 World] 
[Personal] – [Home] – [Work]     [Dropped Card]

Deck Used: COSMIC TAROT by Norbert Losche


As India heads on lockdown till April 14 and the World still fighting against Covid 19. We have a look at a reading for the month of April and how we can effectively battle Covid 19 rather than what is the future of Covid 19.

April 2020 Tarot Reading (Individual, India and World)

The Personal card comes out to be Emperor. If you recollect recent reading on Covid 19 Scare in Mumbai we had the Emperor card coming in future position and a lockdown was well to be imposed. For the month of April – this is at personal level. So it’s time we will see our self taking strict measures on our end. Some of us may continue to be home-quarantined. We will be able to effectively lock us down and isolate to spread the virus. Staying at home – after battling depression of lockdown, we may find our self more adjusted to home life. A more structured routine, self discipline. We will be adjusting completely to the new set routine at home while we are away from work. We will be cooperative with the authorities. 

The Home card comes out to be 6 of swords. Expect some relief in month of April. What suddenly created so much tension and worry in the month of March while staying back at home – April brings a little relief – this could be seen as financial reliefs, little flexibility and stress relief. Staying at home in April while we continue our lock down in first half of month would be relatively easy compared to the initial days we experienced in March when lockdown was freshly imposed in India.

The Work card comes out to be Sun. This is a good card. We may expect resuming work to a certain extent not completely though. A relief for going to work imposition can be expected. It’s not a total freedom to work though. This month will lit the brightness to catch up with the stalled work. So if we dont start over completely we can expect to see improvements and the next month (May) can be even better. 

The Most important thing we all are looking at this present is end of Lockdown. But the April card comes out to be Justice. The card shows balance and in the background there is a sun and moon – the duality, balance, fairness and justice is on cards. So, will the lockdown end ? Not completely but there will be lot of relief to certain jobs/ career coming through and partial relief can be expected. The government will continue to exert Restrictions so dont have a misconception that you are free post 14 April. The Queen of Wands here represents PM Narendra Modi.

The Covid 19 status in India is represented by Queen of wands. Will it end ? Don’t know – neither it is time to know and the cards haven’t revealed it either. So what can you expect ? The queen of wands is a queen who can bring about control and handle the situation quite effectively. The Covid 19 in India is not going to vanish in April – but a very effective strategy and a good control by the Government can be expected. It may spread but will be managed in best ways. There is no mention of control – but will be managed really well – yes it seems to !

The Covid 19 for world – Is the disease disappearing in April ? Can’t say – as card picked turns out to be King of Pentacles. It does not say anything about situation or future. It represents Wealthy and developed countries will be spending heavily on controlling the virus. April we see a lot of actions from countries who are developed, are super powers and great roles of leadership. Since this is a pentacle finance card – there will also be a high risk of Recession. Pentacles clubbed with 3 of swords (see below)

The dropped card turns out to be  3 of Swords. There could be heart breaks, financial problems, rise in infections and deaths due to virus. Emotional sadness is also on cards. Problems related to Covid 19 are not to disappear in thin air. It is there to stay bring about problems. The numbers of infection with toll are about to rise.

Overall, the lockdown may continue with a slight reliefs to certain fields of work. The Government continues to manage the situation effectively. Post lockdown things are just not normal back but you can expect a Relief though it’s not like things are back to normal. 

Note: The readings are made with cards showing energy at the time of reading. In such volatile situation where things are changing daily – a complete change of energy can give a completely different outcome. Understand future is not hardwired as most of us think – a paradox of divination! 

What you can do ? Wait. Follow strict self control, discipline and order from your end to control spread of disease (Emperor).  Work improvements will come all you need to do is wait and do your part. Relief is coming but it’s not all back to normal ! There is no need to panic but take things rationally. Follow your brains at this time rather than your heart (Emperor)

Overall, most cards have a positive energy though not all wow cards – a worst situation is not likely to come but things will see little improvements from current scenarios. Counts of infection and death tolls will rise. But it will be with a leash of control.  

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