COVID-19 Scare in Mumbai: Tarot Reading

Date of Reading: 19 Mar 2020, 7 pm IST

Spread: Past- Present -Future (Next week outlook)


As n-Covid 19 enters India and recently Mumbai and new cases rising, the fear of spread is increasing because of infectivity of the virus even though the mortality of the Virus is very low. I have just picked up few cards for insight – for the coming week of what the nCovid 19 will bring about.


The Past Card is of Queen of Pentacles. The Intuitive read versus the conventional meaning of the card brings that the virus has made its way into Mumbai and India in spite of attempts made to prevent its entry in India. The Queen of Pentacles also suggests that Government has stung into action by laying out and making arrangements. Everything is done with thought and all measures are implemented to deal with the situation. The virus is also seen to make entries into many states (See the ladder its making the entry in dense leaves – an analogy for virus entering dense areas).


The Present card is that of 10 of Wands. The Traditional meaning suggests Overburdening. There is a fear as you can see the butterfly is being isolated and completely surrounded by the creepers. Change is happening in the current scenario. A Fort is also seen in the image which represents best effort to quarantine or lock the virus. There is still fear for what is to come.


The Near Future Card for coming days and Next week shows the Emperor. This brings high level of control from administration to curb the spread. There will be lot of changes in rules, orders, policies and will be implemented quitely harshly to curb the spread. Next week is full of action, control and probably suggests even a lock down as can be seen by the Gun held by the skeleton (Santa Muerte). Power will be applied to control and limit the spread of the virus. If someone disobey he/ she will bare the brunt. The background shows 3 types of leaves and plantation – the green, the flowery and dead. So, the virus is here to stay – there will be casualties, a strong number of infections and a portion of healthy individuals still be safe. The advice is to cooperate with the norms laid out by the authority in controlling the spread and not fear the disease – but be rational – The Emperor is all about being Practical and Rational !

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