Weekly Reading March 8-14, 2020

Weekly Reading March 8-14 , 2020


Deck used: Soul Cards 1

By Deborah Koff and Chapin

This week its the sun. Its a bright week for you. What is hidden will come to light. The energies will be high – its going to be a vibrant week.

The energy is intense and so is your passion. Let the inner shine come through – if you feel motivated or have an urge to achieve your dreams you should take the first step. This will be backed by the Universe.

Soul Cards 1 (Deborah Koff . Chapin)

No matter how intense or tense your surroundings are. The card also expresses the calmness in the center – amidst all yellow orange intense colour is a centre face white peaceful.

Have a pleasant and passionate week !

The Soul cards have no meaning book. See at the image for a second – see what strikes you. If something new just tips in for you- COMMENT BELOW – Who knows your message may be for someone else too…

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