March 2020 Tarot Reading

Who this reading is for ?

This is a general reading. If you are drawn to read further what cards are saying than the reading implies to you. There are most who will skip through this post – perhaps the reading is not for them. This is how General Reading becomes specific. Also on seeing cards you may have a particular feeling. That feeling is a message specific for you !

Cards for March 2020

Deck Used:
Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot


General Overview Card –

Personal Affairs – Love – Family

Career – Finance



The Month of March brings in your personality aspect that shows being passionate and practical. The energies bring a lot of confidence and ability to execute tasks and projects. This is the month where your passion takes action and adds practicality – so you will be excellent at management and execution. You will be friendly and happy at the same time. What you set out – you will be able to achieve it. 

The Card for Personal Affairs comes out to be 10 of Pentacles. This month you will enjoy the company of family members and enjoy comforts and luxury. You could be buying a new property or gadgets or items of conveyance. Some may gain from family inheritance. Matters of property if stuck in legal matters may show some silver lining. Seek for advice from elders this month. It will turn out to be a blessing. Those having pets can also see a deep bond developing with them. 

The Card for Love Affairs comes out to be Temperance. The month of March for love asks you to do things in moderation. You are advised to compromise if needed and let the wheel of relationship with your partner run smoothly. If you are busy with work it’s time to bring in balance. How about a dinner or a movie with your partner this weekend ? The angel does bless love – but don’t over indulge. Everything is good in moderation! 

The Card for Family is that of Well. Secrets come to light this month about family matters. Even if you have an ill member – expect healing to turn into positive direction. You may be travelling to a mini vacation or a weekend trip with your family. Your family has lots of resources- if you find in short of something – ask your family members for help. You will be amazed by their nurturing nature. 

The Card for Career comes out to be 10 of Swords. Those frustrated with their jobs and on verge of leaving the job can actually make a move to switch jobs. Career this month is very demanding and can actually make you kill ! So do not ever exert and over work. Be careful at work environment of criticism- if you take it too seriously it can actually affect your self esteem. If you are facing rock bottom low for your career – this month can see more downfall but don’t fear its for a new start and a new beginning.

The Card for Finances is that of Lovers. If you are into business partnerships- there can be gains. Be careful of your partners- clubbed with 10 of swords can bring lot of problems. You may be spending a lot on your partner’s need. With hard work coming, money flow is what you will love. There may be times you may actually over work yourself to get the green paper in…

The Card for Health comes to be Four of Pentacles. Nothing works better if Health is down. So it forms the root position of the spread. It’s time you save money for your health. How about some insurance or investment ? The card advises you should – don’t neglect it ! You are also advised to take care of your health as work and over exertion to earn money can actually create health issues. You may have to shell out a share of money on health issue if you neglect health this month. Be careful of vehicles and drive safely as 4 of Pentacles is also about security and protection. 

In all the month of March is good for money, job changes, getting things done, golden time for family and buying new things and investing. 

This can be correlated with The Chariot where will power and confidence makes you win everywhere. 

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