Weekly Reading Feb 23-29,2020

Deck: Sacred Tarveller Oracle Card

By Denise Linn

This week brings you transformation.

Tired of ways ? Old beliefs, old routines, old ways of doing things ? This week brings in transformation.

A change is a modification of the old but a transformation is something completely new.

Expect new things, new energy, new passion, new vigour and fresh ways of living emerging this week.

As you continue your life journey as a traveller – remember that it is the journey that is important and not the the destination. The traveller at any beginning is completely different at the end of point. It is the journey that transforms the traveller.

For some there may be Fear. As transformation brings new things and loss of love for old can create fear and worry. But the cards bring in positive change so embrace it with great joy.

What doesn’t serve you – its time to discard. The phoenix arises from the ashes – what you see dull and down in your life today is the site for the birth of phoenix. Experience the fresh energy this week….

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