Weekly Reading (Feb 16-22, 2020)

Card Picked: Reversed – Curse Card


Deck: Mystical Shaman Oracle



The curse refers to limiting Stories of our ancestors, and the Karma from former life times that preordains the event of our lives.


It (The Curse) is the source of negative patterns and it can present in various forms such as a disease, a destructive force, or a blockage of our creative energy or success or money.

The Curse holds us hostage to false story that we believe to be as reality. Recognising the original wound that is playing out in our life can actually heal it. Karma can only be released through our awareness.

Our bad karma in the past or past lives can manifest as a curse in this life that might be blocking the things we want.

The medicine for this course is to be aware of our actions. Since this is the reverse card we have an advice on how to deal with the curse that we might be facing.

We are advised to act with impeccable intention so as not to create a debt or bad Karma that sooner or later someone has to pay. Remember what you do to others, you also do to yourself and to the people you love the most. Now is the opportunity in this week to clean up the old mess and be more aware of our actions so we can have a positive Karma and eliminate the Curse.

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