February 2020 Tarot Reading

Who this reading is for ?

This is a general reading. If you are drawn to read further what cards are saying than the reading implies to you. There are most who will skip through this post – perhaps the reading is not for them. This is how General Reading becomes specific. Also on seeing cards you may have a particular feeling. That feeling is a message specific for you !

Spread for January 2020

Feb 2020 Tarot Spread
Deck Used: Paulina Tarot and Keepers of Light by Kyle Gray


General (Top Card): Bottom Row: Personal -Relationships – Career – Finances– Obstacles : Top 2nd Card , Top Row Lats Card : Oracle Card


The General Card for the month of February turns out to be Eight of cups. This month is all about leaving behind the old and walking in new chapters of life. It is time to let go off what is not working – old boring jobs, exhausting relationships, old past baggages and walk into new phases of life. As you move there may be some sort of grief and pain but it is for your higher good. Time has come to leave away what once you thought was the only thing that matters. You may have worked hard for it but it is no longer serving you. This card may also bring lot of short and long distance travels. 

The Personal card for the month of February turns out to be Temperance. This month is all about balance and compromise and pursuing things in moderation. Look at what you cherish, what you are passionate about – is that the only thing in your life ? If it is – than prepare for troubles. This month you will have to balance everything- career, job, home and family life. Miss one and you will fall off. Remember everything in moderation is good. A little bit of everything is the best advice for this month ! 

The Family, Love and Relationships card turns out to be Ace of Pentacles. This brings a new beginnings in relationships at work. You may also receive some wealth as inheritance or from family members. There could be a purchase of home/ property or a car or some appliance for home. Love and happiness is always there. The universe plays the flute and things will dance to pleasant vibes and things will be magical. If planning to or conceiving this may be a start ! With Valentine Day around let the magic happen – a good gift and romance can turn a happy date to something more ! 

The Career, Job and Work card for February turns out to be Page of Swords. This is the month to learn a lot about your career and develop your skills. It’s time to be studious. You may be a lot defensive and egoistic in your work outlook but you must be careful as you are still in naive stage. Do not be overconfident. It is time for new ideas and thoughts.

The Finance card is that of Magician. Want to save money ? – You will ! Want that expensive watch – you will buy it ! Saving or Spending – what you desire you shall achieve in terms of finances. Abundance is plenty. You will have enough wealth this month. Projects will move positively and manifest results. 

The Obstacle card for the month of February is Six of cups. Old days and issues from past are now popping up and creating obstacles in your path. Old memories may bring about pain. You may be sad at what the current state of life you are in versus how happy you were once in your younger days ! This month look for past events that might create current problems ! 

The Advice card for the month Of February comes from Mary Magdalene – The Keeper of Light. It’s time to awaken your teacher within. Whatever you have learned in your life – it’s time to share with others ! Follow your inner calling and don’t let anything stop you in achieving from what you want ! Love is divine and you may experience it this month ! 

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