Weekly Reading Dec 30,2019 to Jan 5,2020

The card picked up for this week turns out to be of Manifestation Power form the Doreen Virtue’s Deck: ANGEL THERAPY ORACLE CARDS


  • The Angel of Manifestation asks and gives you the message of using your Manifestation Power.
  • This week use your natural spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired outcome.
  • You don’t have to be super hero or have super powers to fulfill your desires. We all have natural gifts and talents. This week is about using them to get the results we want. Here the card brings an energy of you being a creator and creating things – it’s not about destiny of what fate will offer.
  • Angels of Manifestations asks us to think of what we want to create or achieve this week. Then visualise it in your imagination (that’s using your Psychic 3rd eye) . once you visualise it you will automatically feel the energy or power to take action. Use that wisely – and make the necessary moves.

At the end of the week – look back what you created or achieved. You will be amazed ! Comment below if this resonates and somewhere in yourself you feel a spark of inspiration !!!

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