Tarot Reading for January 2020

Who this reading is for ?

This is a general reading. If you are drawn to read further what cards are saying than the reading implies to you. There are most who will skip through this post – perhaps the reading is not for them. This is how General Reading becomes specific. Also on seeing cards you may have a particular feeling. That feeling is a message specific for you !

Spread for January 2020

JAN 2020 Spread
Deck used: Psychic Tarot Oracle by John Holland and
Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield
Spread: General (Top Card): Bottom Row: Personal (Awareness)-Relationships Fulfillment of Wishes) – Career (Temptation) – Unexpected Event (Solitude): Top Row: Oracle Card (Lord Ganesha)


The General card for the month of January 2020 comes out to be that of Fertility. This month brings growth, visions and plans. It is time for you to sow the seeds of what you want in the month of January. Starting in Jan can bring you results till the end of 2020. That’s an equivalent a time pregnancy take till child birth. If you are expecting – this month could be a Yes ! Those not expecting can see plans and roads being paved up for your desires.

The Personal card for January 2020 came out to be Awareness. This month brings you awareness, knowledge and wisdom of many things. If you are in business you will become aware of new ideas or new things that will help your growth. This is a time period where many things unknown could just pop up and come to light.

The Relationship card is a beautiful card of Fulfillment of wishes ! You have a wish for your relationships ? It gets answered. For those in love this could be bring a yes from a partner. In general, this is a good time for relationships and would not bother or create more of problems

The Career card is that of Temptation. Be careful in this month if you are getting tempted to take shortcut or wrong routes. You may also be tempted by someone or situation to take up wrong means and this could bring problems for your career. For those in studies – control your temptations to freak out or bunk classes. Any wrong step you take may give you a beating three times more. So be careful !

The Last card of Unexpected event came out to be that of Solitude. For unexpected events suddenly some of you may be feeling alone or your family may be moving away from you. You may be attracted in pursuing some knowledge or have an spiritual inclination. You may get back to basics and books for more knowledge.

To correlate with the Yearly Reading 2020 (You may check out the link below for Year 2020 General Reading). The card of month was 9 of swords. This could bring anxiety for your plans, Unexpected events can bring fear to some of becoming lonely. For students this can be a time for exam worries. When Relationships are running smooth some may experience fears of losing such gold times.

Lord Ganesha Blesses with Fulfillment.  You have been already blessed with fulfillment by Lord Ganesha so lay out your plans and intentions of what you desire and the journey should be trouble free !

In short, January brings you time to sow your seeds of what you want. There can be fears and anxiety but it is for overall good and relationships will be good. An awareness of new knowledge is also on cards !

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