Weekly Reading Dec 23-29, 2019

This week we have the animal spirit of the Wolf calling us. The spirit with the element of earth.

  • Wolve are the Guardians of the family and Tribe. The wolves asks us to protect our family. If we have a tribe or a group of people with a cause or common intentions – it is time to bring the wolf energy in the pack !The wolf’s mission is to uphold the well being and longevity of the tribe.
  • It is time to express your energy in the form of
    • Activism: Fight for a cause.
    • Mentorship: Teach someone
    • Humanitarian: Act of kindness
    • Oneness: Care and nourish your tribe
  • Be careful of being over dominant with your members of the tribe or family
  • It is time that we form a part of group, practice tolerance and let go off when needed.
  • With Christmas here it is perfect time to spend time with your family – this is the best message from the wolf spirit.
  • Bring in the wolf energy this week in the group of people whom you are closely attached to. Care, Nourish, teach and protect the members. Let go off your ego and negativities. Teach, Protect and nourish each other.
  • And then it is time to see what your pack or tribe can do together. It is time to harness the energy of groups this week !

Deck used: THE WILD UNKNOWN: Animal Spirit
By Kim Krans

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