Tarot Reading – Year 2020

Yearly Spread 2020

This is a General reading for year 2020. There are about 7-8 billion people but if you found yourself interested in giving a read for what 2020 holds. This reading was intended to reach you and convey what you needed to know.In the reading you may be particularly drawn to something or only remember a point particularly after reading the following. Pay attention to it – that’s the reading applicable to you at the deeper levels. That’s how synchronicity in Universe works !

Tarot Spread for Year 2020


The month of January starts with 9 of swords. This may be a period of release of emotional baggage. So it is common to feel anxiety and fear. With the whole new year ahead and goals, plans dreams this card suggests that there may be a lot anxiety regarding planning and manifesting your dreams. You may have a sleepless nights worrying about the things you are really concerned about. It may be about your work, career or Relationships. It’s going to be on your mind. The card suggests that there is no need to fear.Before you start on something new and big it is always associated with anxiety and fear.


After fear and anxiety from the previous month, this month brings lot of relief as your goals and dream start manifesting and growing. The Empress brings periods of Growth and expansion. This is a time period for your goals to advance, dreams to find its path to success and relationships to develop. February may also bring good news for some if you are expecting ! This expectation can be in the form of child birth, long awaited results, a breakthrough in your project. See what resonates with you


The boost in February is bound to give you more confidence to undergo and go forward in your endeavor. It is time that you will have enough will power and confidence to solve all your problems. For some this could be month of lot of travels and some may be going distant lands for pursuing higher education. For some job placement may push you away from home for more gains in career. Relationship wise this will be a period that is going to be most stable – if you are having conflicts – you will be in a commanding position to solve it.


Turns out out to be 8 of wands. A wonderful card for action and movement. This is a card for many to have lot of travellings. If your projects are stuck this is the month for momentum. Stuck things in your life are about to move. For those in Marriage prospects or childbirth news – it’s a Yes ! Careers will see a lot of movement. This month will show a substantial rise in energy in any passion you want to pursue. You may also experience a change in residence.


The card of 9 of wands for the month signifies – a break. A tiredness after months of intense energy and work from Feb, Mar and April. This is a period for rest and look back to what all you have achieved. For those living away from homes for studies or job – it is time for you to take holidays and return back to home. There could be few health problems or injuries during this period so be careful. It can also bring tiredness from work and Relationship may be in a state of ‘Give me a break’


The card of 3 wands – suggest time to be back to work. This is a period that signifies waiting for results or good news to return. You may be waiting for some approval or promotion of which you have worked so hard last few months. It is time to look forward back at your goals and set your sights even higher. Health will be good. Those in relationships may plan a trip to Foreign lands or plan something together.


The Card of Queen of wands signifies nurturing passion. This is the month to look for as your energy levels will be all time high. You may feel in full control at work. The queen in the card looks at the person in 3 of wands – If you are waiting for results or some news from the previous month – this is the month to receive it ! If you are in love – this is a time for proposal and get your feelings through. If you have been procrastination something – this is the time to take control and charge.


The card for August is Ace of wands. Some breakthrough in the field of your passion will be offered to you by universe as if by Magic – a sort of beginner’s luck. If you are the one who proposed someone in the last month – this will be the month a new beginning can happen. This month is all about new beginnings that inspire you – new relationship, new job, new career, new passion or news that brings new inspirations and ideas.


The card for September turns out to be 5 of cups. This is a period where you may experience a grief, a loss. There is a possibility that it can also bring depressive feelings from the loss. The advice is to look for what is – not what you have lost. For some this could be a period of separation from loved ones as they may be traveling or moving away from you. After a high a low is common – its an energy balance at play !


It is the tower card. It’s time to shake off your weak foundation. The grief depression may bring you further shocks. This period can be reflected with loss of jobs, relationship break up, something that you might not have expected of. But all is not that bad as a gloomy nature of the card. It is a time to shatter all your weak foundations. Relationships not working – Break it up, Job not satisfying – leave it, It’s time to reassess weak foundation and build a new strong foundations. If you are holding your relationship on false ideas – it tis time to bring truth – although this may not be easy at all.


The November card is the ace of swords – After grief, sadness, sudden shocks – you have a new line of thinking. This period brings news about new beginnings – thoughts, beliefs, knowledge. There is a chance you may buy a new expensive electronic device/ instrument or some technology. Your enthusiasm will be back and ready to face any challenges. The lessons of past traumas have now transformed back to new beginnings and insights.


6 of swords indicates moving to peace. It is time to move on from the traumatic situations of your life. Leave back what is not working and move ahead to new lands. This is also a period of lot of travels, job change. Breaking old unhealthy relations and moving forward. Work wise if things are not working its a call to move forward. A new home or residence is also on cards. Family trips may also work out during this phase.

In General for the year 2020

the cards turn out to be 10 of swords and King of wands suggesting that 2020 is going to bring a lot of energy to your passions in life and with that energy when you pursue new heights its bound to fall if you have weak foundation. But with a fall comes new bright sunshine on the horizon. So make the best use of your passionate energy – dont fear falling – go for what you want and even if you fall – you will be back even higher !

In Short ,

Jan: Fears and anxiety for issues concerning you

Feb: Growth and development

Mar: Success and confidence

Apr: Movement, Travels, Actions

May: Rest. Look back your achievement

Jun: Waiting for results

Jul: In Power – in control

Aug: New Beginnings of passion and work

Sept: Period of grief and loss

Oct: Expect the unexpected !

Nov: New ideas, ventures

Dec: Time to move on

This is a General Reading, If you like to do a specific reading for what year 2020 holds specifically for you – email me from Get your readings.

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