Tarot Reading for December 2019

Who this reading is for ?

This is a general reading. If you are drawn to read further what cards are saying than the reading implies to you. There are most who will skip through this post – perhaps the reading is not for them. This is how General Reading becomes specific. Also on seeing cards you may have a particular feeling. That feeling is a message specific for you !

What does December hold for you – Tarot Reading for the month of December 2019 ?

The top cards represents general outlook of the month December 2019. The bottom 3 cards are as follows in order – the first one is for your Career, second for relationship and family and third for you / personal.


December for your career seems lucky. Whatever you intend to manifest you will bring it about. All your projects, goals will see a completion or a start if you have not started and trying to start since a long time. So intend and be clear on what you want. Some of you may be looking for a new job, some to leave a job, some to start a business, some to go abroad for work – whatever may be the intention the card of Magician will bring about manifestation!

Relationship and Family

December for relationships and Family shows time for religious activities. Some of you may be attending marriages or some of you may be getting married this December. For some this card indicates pilgrimage – visiting places of spiritual importance. Some of you may be involved in doing spiritual activities – like a puja or a ritual ! For few others it is time that you will meet your teacher or mentor or they will play an important role in your life during this month!


December for Personal Affairs is the card of 5 of swords. This card warns you to take a control on ego, the way you speak. A good success in career and relationships may make some of you on top of world which may inflate your egos beyond normal. This is time to be careful. Don’t win ego battles. Let go at times- you don’t always have to win arguments. Winning arguments at this period will make you loose friends, jobs, people close to you – so card advises just be careful !

In General

December as General will be bring rise of expenses to some. For some indicates travel away from home. You may be spending money a lot on travels. For some there could also be health issues. This is not the month for investment and card advises to use your money carefully as there could be unwanted expenses.

As a general the month of December is all one can wish for and few things you may not want ! But that’s life ! Remember Tarot is not a divination tool but also means to guidance.

Tune in … for the next month reading and I will be happy for your feedback !

Cards Drawn (RW Tarot Deck)

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