Weekly Reading (Dec 2-8)

👼🏻 Yay ! This week is all about wishes fullfilled ! 🙋🏻‍♀️

The card shows abundance in food – fruits, vegetables and cakes. There is a beau flower vase on the table and keys. These are the keys to locked doors. The room opens into beautiful scenic places and for some it may indicate travel to beautiful places.

This card suggests that the time has come for your wishes to be fulfilled and your dreams to be realised. There may have been difficulties in the past few weeks but now its time for victory.

Meditation Practice:

In order to experience this Akashic force – close your eyes- breathe and visualise someone handing you a set of golden keys that will open the most important door before you. With these keys open the door and see what you get – it could be a solution for your problem or an idea !

This week just be present to what wishes of yours are getting fulfilled and see the magic !

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