Weekly Reading Nov 25-Dec 1, 2019

😻💡Spiritual Guidance for This week Nov 25- Dec 1 💡😻


If you are reading this message is specially for you …


* This week is all about guidance !


* The energy of the card advises to seek guidance. It is very common we often pursue what we want with plans, our desires. But even after putting all the efforts it seems things aren’t working. It is time to question – are we missing something or its just not in us ?


* The essence of this is that we all have a blind spot. No matter what we do we can never see this blind spot – it is only through observation, meditation and through the insights of someone, spirits, angels or well learned individuals we can see this blind spot which holds the key to success.


* The woman in the card sees dark instead of the angelic guidance that points to bright light – turn away from guidance and its like turning yourself away from success.


* Between the light and the person in the card are the angels – the messenger of God. These beings can provide you with guidance you need to achieve your goals.


* Angels can and are providing you guidance every time all we need is to open our eyes to it. It may be in the form of tip from someone, a search result from google or an instant bath time idea !


* This card advises to ASK FOR GUIDANCE. Ask God, Angels, Spirit Guides or if you don’t believe in them – ask for guidance from a fellow human being !


* You never know what road will open up to you ! Try it out this week 🙏

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