Weekly Reading 18-24 Nov 2019

General Reading for Div Geek Readers for the Nov 18-24, 2019

  • This week Lord Ganesha asks you to focus on your PRIORITIES.
  • It is very easy to be busy in mundane life. Are you putting out fires by attending only the urgent and daily tasks ? It is time to focus on what is most important for you.
  • We all know that we should focus on priorities in order to achieve success but forget all that and just for this week Lord Ganesha has asked you to focus on your priorities and see the difference for this week.
  • Lord Ganesha is holding the lilies in his hand and emphasizing the importance of values. He is encouraging us to think what is it that will make you happy and what you truly want. If it is not SHOULD DO PRIORITY then make it a WANT TO DO PRIORITY and go for it full out this week.
  • If you had followed last week oracle of message of change and transformation – for those who have brought a change in their life – it is a message from the Oracle to focus on the priorities of the change of you brought about and traverse this week seeing the manifestation part.

*Oracle Deck : WHISPERS OF LORD GANESHA by Angel Hartfield

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