Psychic Cleansing – Declutter

Do you feel confused or heavy ? Most of the time we are not aware of these energies. Thats because your vibes are attuned to it…

As an exercise for today just try and clear the clutter of any one place at home or work or choose a category – like clothes / shoes.

Discard anything that is old and you are not using it but have kept thinking that you might use it someday

Organise your stuff by category (you can google Marie Kondo Art of Tidying) discard what do you need

Its a well known fact that all things you are not using in your room tend to slow down your energy. Just try and declutter and see how your energy flows free and how you feel light instantly

A cluttered mind and environment are a big no to spirit communication and angelic connections.

Remember What is inside is outside. A messy environment is a sign of a cluttered mind !

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