Weekly Reading

Weekly Reading and message for this week Nov 11-17, 2019


  • This week is all about change.
  • Focus on Transformations. It is time that you can bring about change from what is to what you want.
  • This week you may choose to walk away from old negative situations, behaviours or people who are no longer serving you.
  • The universe (or God) is by your side in bringing about this change.
  • You are encouraged to see your dark self that is actually hindering your progress
  • What are you holding on to ? Just move ahead
  • This week you might see a butterfly or a broom or a black cat or the cat as shown in the card- Remember this is the sign from the universe.
  • Be aware since you are reading this message – this is particularly for you as millions have already ignored this post !

This week you may experience a lot of changes. Whatever change happens this week in your life welcome it with great love as it is for your growth !

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