Charm Casting Reading

Charm Casting Reading
Charm Casting

Date: 6 Nov 2019

Q: Message for days ahead: Nov 6 – 10 General Reading 


  1. The seeker is outside and below the circle – suggesting seeker will have little control over the situation and will be anxious
  2. His main concern is continuation of what he is pursuing (3 of Dice) The time and work charm are close to it – suggesting that seeker will be more concern about time and work this coming days. 
  3. He is starting to make new beginnings in the field he is endeavouring and has all the supports of his angels / universe but there are lot of problems. No new learning (Reverse book and tree) and growth is expected in coming few days. The good thing is that he is unattached to the situation and is better at communication. This is the key to his obstacles he is facing this week . 
  4. Money is upright with cup reversed suggesting there will be expenses on his desires as this charms on upper top region particularly close to entertainment aspects (Guitar charm)
  5. So, overall to summarise – for him the coming few days are not good for his endeavour. He may find many obstacles but the key to that is be aware that’s angels are helping him and communication are the key. It is important that seeker remains unattached to situation or he will have heart breaks (since heart is reversed) 

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