001 – November Card Reading

Here’s Monthly oracle reading for all the readers – In case you are reading this Blog – This message is particularly for you

Consider the message has found you….

Read the interpretations below… Look at the images – What do you feel ? What thoughts are you having ? That is more insight on your message

The month of November asks you to Imagine and Envision all your dreams, all that you have desire of, all that you want to do. The message from the oracle is write down all your desires and wishes on a piece of paper or a journal. This month is all about planning, laying foundations and choosing about what dreams you want to pursue.

The other card suggests that Guardian Angel is there besides you in fulfilling your dreams and protecting you at the same time from any negativity.

This month write down ALL YOUR WISHES/ DESIRES/ GOALS – choose which one would you like to pursue or choose the one that makes you feel inspired. This is the message for month November. Come lets see your journey ahead in coming months via the oracle

Stay tuned. Don’t forget to follow my blog. I will be updating frequently.

Decks used: Everyday Witch Oracle and Kyle Grays – Ancestor and Angels Oracle Cards

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