Checklist 1 : How to start for prediction of Astrology for timing of marriage



Here’s a


As stated By K N Rao

  1. Start with Saturn

  2. When sat reaches 8th from natal Saturn in transit – age of marriage


  3. Identify category of marriage – Early, Normal, Late

  4. See when Saturn aspects Jaimini Daraka


  1. Sat and Jup aspect Daraka (DK) and approve marriage

    Or by being in 1/7 axis i.e. Both in lagna or one in lagna and other in 7th house

  2. Sat and Jup aspects on eve of marriage

    The lagna or the lagna lord The 7th house or the 7th lord The lagna and the 7th lord The lagna lord and 7th house

Category Checklist:

1. Check 1st and 7th house
2. Check 2nd and 8th house
3. Check if any benefic retrograde
4. Check if Venus is combust
5. Check for malefic influence on 7th lord

Note: sun , rahu and ketu are mild malefics and sat and mars are strong malefics


EARLY MARRIAGE :(17-21 years):

  • 1/7 axis : benefics

  • 2/8 axis :no malefics

  • No retrograde benefic

  • No combust venus

  • 7th lord not under malefic influence


NORMAL MARRIAGE (21-24 years)

  • 1/7: Mild malefics

  • 2/8: Mild malefic

  • No retrograde benefics

  • No combust venus


LATE MARRIAGE (25-30 years)

  • malefic influence on7H, 7L

  • 1/7, 2/8: strong malefics

  • Retrograde benefics

  • Combust venus

  • Jupiter fights to get marriage solemnise


RULE: Saturn in transit aspects Natal Darakarka through Jaimini aspect


EXCEPTION: When sat transits in 7th house of lagna In case of delayed marriage ADD1-4 yrs after sat aspects (jaimini) Natal Daraka.


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