Marriage and Timing : Introduction

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In Practical Astrology, we will be covering the most important topic – MARRIAGE and Timing of Marriage. All of us are at anxious in some point of our life. Be it Our own Marriage or our children’s. Lets have a look at what to see in the charts to determine the timing of Marriage.


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Continue reading as we lay down the foundation on how to predict the timings from Birth Chart.


Marriage these days have changed significantly and so has the timing of marriage. 
In order to start predicting the timing of marriage from birth chart.   
We must check **the possibility of Marriage.**

After that we must Categories the timing of Marriage as
– Early
– Normal
– Late

We will elaborate more on this on next Blog. However, we will start directly with the CHECKLIST and PARAMETERS on how to get the timing of Marriage.

That will be the next blog – Check List Number 1.

Start applying those in your chart or someone who is already married to see its credibility
Followed by that shall be another Blog on Actual 8 Parameters to see and come to exact timing of marriage.

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