I have launched a YouTube Channel


– In case you want to have  a look at the videos – I have provided the links to the video below. Do note that channel is updated frequently so you may not find all video listings here.

If you are interested kindly have look at the videos and SUBSCRIBE THE RD CHANNEL. 

We are also in process to launch a you tube video channel – ASTROLOGICALLY EXPLAINED. 

Show us your support by liking and subscribing to channel.


Dr Rujit Desai


1. How to do a Magic Trick with a coin

2. How to get Paid apps for Free [Updated for iOS 11.3]

3.How to make money in the Stock Market for Beginners:

4. Fidget Cube [Best Stress Relief toy for Adults]


6. 12 Tips to Shop Smart

7. How to make complex additions in 2 seconds ?? Mental Maths !

8. Magnet Money Clip – Slimmest and smallest Wallet substitute

9. Portronics Portable Ruffpad Review (Hindi)

10. Does Thumbs up make your toilet whiter ?

11. What happens when you mix Thumbs up and Mentos ?

12. How kids react to Lemon taste

13. Unboxing of Gorilla Mini Tripod and Review – Best stand for youtuber ?

14. Mivi Charger -Multi port USB Fastest Turbo Charger

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