ChildBirth Parameters – A Concise View

If the last 2 blogs of the series seemed daunting. Have a look below for all the parameters on 1 page – Take a print and see for the same in your birth chart or anybody’s chart whom you know closely.

The Parameters to be checked are as follows:

  1. The Dasha and Antardasha
    1. If Mahadasha of Planet giving child bearing continues with suitable aspects there may be multiple childbirths
    2. Antardasha of the child giving planets promise childbirth if backed by transits
    1. Within 9 months of birth of child, JUPITER and SATURN must have aspected or be in (during transits): (ANY 1)
      • 5th House
      • 5th Lord
      • 9th House
      • 9th Lord
    2. Within 75 days/ 2 and half month of DeliveryMars should be in or aspected: (ANY 1)
      • 5th House
      • 5th Lord
      • 9Th House
      • 9th Lord
    3. Within 3 days of birth of child, Moon should be in / aspected: (ANY 1)
      1. 5th house
      2. 5th Lord
      3. 9th House
      4. 9th Lord
      5. Moon sign of any one parent
      6. Lagna of any one planet
  1. The above parameters shall be studied in Birth chart and D7 chart and in some cases D9 chart.

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