Ashwini Nakshatra (Part 2)



First ( 0-3•20′) Aries: Rules by Mars of Aries. They are pioneering, physically active ( Mars Nature) Full of initiative and Energy

Second Pada ( 3•20′ to 6•40′) Aries: Falls in tauras so ruled by Venus. They are practical and resourceful. Like material manifestation of thoughts and ideas.

Third Pada ( 6•40′ to 10′) Aries: Falls in Gemini so influenced by its airyness. Ruled by Mercury. Therefore, quicker comprehension, clever in mental activity, Communicative.

Fourth Pada (10′ to 13•20′) Aries: Falls in Cancer so ruled by Emotional and watery Moon. Care for people need, Empathic, Emotional faculty.

Check which pada your moon/ ascendent falls and see how nakshatra has influence on your personality.


  • Horse enthusiasts
  • Healing Professions ( doctors, etc)
  • Marriage Counsellers
  • Childbirth specialist
  • Promotional and motivational jobs
  • Transportation industry
  • Atheletes
  • Racers
  • Shopkeepers
  • Gardeners


  • Grazing lands, stables
  • Hospitals
  • Gardens
  • Race tracks
  • Transport ways – roads, railways
  • Health clubs and gyms

Body Part:

Horses are associated with transport so knees and upper feet.


Auspicious: Good for ALL BEGININGS. Ideal for begining, laying foundations, starting

Inauspicious: Bad for all long term endings- that requiring Patience and perserverance. Like marriage, sexual activaty, intoxication, bad habits.

Planetary Ruler

  • Ketu: Refers to all kimds of beginings. for this nakshatra has dictum – Anything is possible
  • Mars: Connected to this Nakshatra due to Aries. Giving it an impulsive nature
  • Sun: Close relationship as Sun is exalted (strongest in aries) Also sun is in continous motion and represents begining and number 1. The horse riders of chariot of this nakshatra ate kids of Sun.

Tip: Sun, Ketu, Mars express strongly in Aswini. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu do well here as long as Ketu is well placed

Naming of new borns:

In India, naming of child is done based on Which nakshatra the moon is when the child is born.

If a child is born with Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra the syllables are

Chu ( as in Church) First Pada

Che (as in Cherry) Second Pada

Cho (as in Chocolate) Third Pada

La ( as in Las vegas) Fourth pada


In case of afflicated Nakshatra. Remedies include worship of Lord Ganesha

Repitition of Root Mantra: Om Am and Om Im 108 times when Moon is in ashwini nakshatra and lunar month. Refuces suffering and enlightens.

Important actions can be taken up when ashwini is transitted by Moon

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