1. Ashwini (Part 1)

Extent: 0 – 13 D 20 M (D-Degree, M -Minutes)

Has energy of Ketu ( All beginings)

Name: Translates to Born of female horse or Horse Woman

Symbol: Horse’s Head And Horse carriage carrying two people

Image courtesy: Nakshatra By Prash Trivedi

In short it represents anything BEGINNING.

Deity: Carriage (symbol) is controlled by 2 horsemen named – Dashra (Represents- bringing help) and Nasatya ( Truthfulness). Deity includes Lord Ganesha and Brahma.

Caste: Vaishya (Business)

Gender: Male

Body part representation: Knees and upper feet

Direction: Centre, Easy, South and NW.

Guna: Satvic Nakshatra

Gana (Type): Deva

Lunar Month: First half of the Lunar month of ashwini (Sept/Oct)

Lunar Day: 1st Tithi/Day of Waxing phase of Moon

Gotra: Marichi (light)


Check if your Ascendent or the Moon is in this Nakshatra. That will throw ligjtbon your characteristics. For example, say my Moon is in Ashwini – i ll have characteristics to nature of horse like spontanious , speedy, etc.

Nature of Nakshatra:

  • Spontaneous
  • Quicky, Speed and agility
  • Impulsive behavour
  • Short , Atheletic like sports person ready to run race
  • Eager to start
  • Adventerous
  • Fearless. Think less, do fast, often regret.
  • Humourous
  • Constant need for movement
  • Helpful but for short and quick term
  • Like jumping on from one thing to other
  • Loce to dress well
  • Straightforward
  • Related to affairs of Healing, Rejunavtion and self improvement
  • Often busy with clubs, gymming, body improvements
  • Marked tendency to feel unique
  • Modest in mature. Do not believe in show business

Anything that represents characteristics of horse.

(To be continued…)

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