Planets and Children (Excerpts from K N Rao Book)

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This small series on Planets and Children is a part of Practical Astrology, which is the new heading where daily practical application of astrological principles shall be put into practice.

It is a bit hard – Planets and Children Series – if you do not know the basics. However if you know a little and have some reading of my blog. You get some understanding on the truth and correlation of Astrology.

In the subsequent blogs on PLANETS AND CHILDREN. I ‘ll explain what are the parameters used to predict a child birth. There will be 2 sets of parameters: 1. Based on Dashas and the other 2. Based on Transits. In the subsequent blog – I will present you a case study of how i have applied this parameters to a Kundli and conclude if this parameters are actually valid when applied on a chart. 

PLEASE NOTE the parameter are the work of Mr. K N Rao and associates taken from book PLANETS AND CHILDREN. I have tried and summarized the parameters in simplest forms for easy understanding and note format.

However the case study of this parameters is Original work to see the applicability of the parameters. You are free to test the parameters on your birth chart.

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