2. The 27 Nakshatra

Take a look at 27 constellation within the 12 signs – 

They are as follows:

  1. Ashwini  (In Aries)
  2. Bharani   (In Aries)
  3. Krittika (In Aries and Tauras)
  4. Rohini  (In Tauras)
  5. Mrigashira (In Tauras and Gemini)
  6. Ardra (In Gemini)
  7. Punar Vashu  (In Gemini and Cancer)
  8. Pushya (In Cancer)
  9. Ashlesha (In Cancer)
  10. Magha (In Leo)
  11. Purva Phalguni (In Leo)
  12. Uttar Phalguni  (In Leo and Virgo)
  13. Hasta (In Virgo)
  14. Chitra (In Virgo and Libra)
  15. Swati (In Libra)
  16. Vishakha (In Libra and Scorpio)
  17. Anuradha (In Scorpio)
  18. Jyestha (In Scorpio)
  19. Mula (In Sagittarius)
  20. Purva Ashad (In Sagittarius)
  21. Uttar Ashad (In Sagittarius and Capricorn)
  22. Shravana (In Capricorn)
  23. Dhanista (In Capricorn and Aquarius)
  24. Shatabhisha (In Aquarius)
  25. Purva Bhadra (In Aquarius and Pisces)
  26. Uttar Bhadra (In Pisces)
  27. Revati  (In Pisces)

The 28th Nakshatra is Abhijeet.

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