Nakshatra 1: What are Nakshatras ?

We are aware of 12 Zodiac Signs. Group of stars together form a Constellation.

Each Constellation is called as a Nakshatra. There are 27 constellation or Nakshatra.

Points to Remember: 

  1. Each is sign is of 30 degree (Sign – Aries, Leo, etc)
  2. Each sign has 2 and half constellations (Or Nakshatra) 
  3. So 30 degree (Sign) divided by 2 1/2 Constellation gives 13 degree and 20 minutes which is equal to 1 constellation.
    1. 30/2.5 = 13 degree 20 minutes
  4. Each constellation is further divided into 4 parts and each part of the constellation (Nakshatra) is called as Pada. 




  1. Each Sign is 30 degree (Each Sign is made up of 2 and 1/2 Constellation)
  2. Each Constellation is 13 degree 20 minutes  (Each Constellation is made up of 4 Pada)
  3. Each Pada within a constellation is 3 degree 20 minutes. 



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