Golden Rules from Mr. K N Rao

The Blog is only for Advanced learners of Astrology:

Some of the most important rules of astrology from books of Mr. K. N. Rao – a well know astrologer:

  1. A well known combination for financial disasters is Mercury in the 2nd house aspected by the Moon.
  2. Rahu and Saturn can be unconditional Marka for anyone
  3. If 5th lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in 5th – it is not good for marriage
  4. Even 7th lord in 9th house or vice versa is not good for marriage
  5. MIRACLE BABA: 3rd lord in 10th house –  gives rise in fame and recognition (during time period as Dasha/antar/prati of 3rd Lord)
  6. If 7th Lord (10th to 10th house) aspects the 4th lord of throne it represents – PAD PRAPTI
  7. 6th lord in 8th is not good for health
  8. 7th lord in RKA (Rahu-Ketu Axis) and 9th lord in 8th could indicate unorthodoxy and deviation in marriage (like married toother religion)
  9. 8th lord in 9th house in good for longetivity
  10. The lord of the house affects the mood of planet in that house.
  11. The mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn show compulsion
  12. 12th house is also the house  of Seperation
  13. Rahu and Saturn are natural Killers
  14. Rahu and Venus are natural marriage makers

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