#16 Houses – Dustana Houses

What is Dustana – well in Hindi and Sanskrit it means BAD (DUSTha)

Houses – 6,8,12 are considered as BAD HOUSES or DUSTANA

Its not that they are bad, they help us clear the Karmic Balance – but in the material world it is painful, right ?

What does 6th House represent ?

  1. Routines – Boring isn’t it ?
  2. Diseases – You like one – here take one – Cancer will do ?
  3. Job – You like 9 to 5 life ? I bet you if you do..
  4. Obstructions – Oh yeah you gotta race today on your sports bike and the bike does not start …
  5. DEBTS: I remember you owe me 1 million dollar ?? Do you like it ??
  6. DIVORCES: it’s indeed painful
  7. COURT CASES: Well in India you better not have one… it will last with no result till you die..At foreign countries you still better don’t have one…Coz you will still die of conviction.
  8. Accidents: Do i need to say something ?

What does 8th House represents ?

  1. Death – You like it ? Well ok, what if I said of some one you like ? Wait before you kill me – Read first…
  2. Sudden Change – Like say your boss says here’s your termination letter – It’s good in a way – you can find a better job – but its bad right ? where will money pour in till that time – will you find a job indeed a better one than this one..
  3. Chronic Disease  – I am not saying it – said too much negative…
  4. Secrets: You become aware about your spouse’s secrets ? uh..huh.. Silence Silence..

What does 12th House represents ?

  1. Losses: Do i need to say something – you might already lost your head after reading the above stuff
  2. Expenses: Well I just Bought a Mercedes with a mere pay of Rs 25,000 pm. Well – how am i gonna pay for my bills , petrol, services, family…
  3. Loss of Energy: Well I am tired too typing…
  4. Foreign lands: well i Love it… But I am far from my closed ones – my home town 😦
  5. Hospitals: I would love it if you say you liked this place – unless you are a doctor..
  6. Jails: CRIMINAL .. well i knew you were insane coz you were reading my blogs…

Do I need to say more Bad things… oh Ok…It happens for Good and all..converting adversities to positives..that’s good from MOKSHA Point of view – That’s actually why you are here on Earth..But from Reality and Materialistic Point of you…. OH eewwww…..NO PLEASE…

That’s why they are considered as Dustana (Bad) Houses.



Note that 3rd House is Mild Malefic (Mildly Bad). Why ??? It represents EFFORTS ?? Man..who wants to work so hard….

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” The above writings are just to make you feel how bad can the effects of this houses – and I do not mean or wish the same for anyone. God bless all. Please note that this DUSTANA houses dont always give Bad results – so dont go on fearing Man my Venus is in 8th House – I am gonna die or something… This is just like..A,B,C,D…. Just learn the letters first..WORDS WE WILL FORM LATER and SENTENCES MUCH LATER….”

Hufff… So much to type and learn.. 😦

C ya..


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