#15 Houses – Upachaya Houses

Upachaya houses are the house – 3, 6, 11 are the houses which IMPROVE THEIR EFFECTS OVER TIME.

Like Say, As a child you are denied/ limited to eat chocolates by your parents – for some rules are so strict that you can have – say as less as 1 chocolate in a fortnight for the fear of dental decay.

But once you grow up to teens, adults – parents no longer stop you from having chocolates – DO THEY ?? You are free to have as many chocolates you want- The point is restriction is just lifted and you feel free ..


Mouth watering isn’t it ???

This is the effect of Uppachya house 


So is it good to have good planets (Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter) in Upachaya houses or the difficult planets (like Saturn, Mars, Sun) ???

Think over it…

A good mother who allows chocolates in the childhood to eat freely ? – What would that end up to > Bad teeth, poor Discipline, Right ???

SO Good planets DON’T DO WELL in upachaya house – Not that they do bad- buts its not favorable – right ??



Go Munch a chocolate…

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C ya..



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