#14 Houses – Trikone House – C

We saw the DHARMA and ARTHA house in the previous Blog..


3. KAMA House:

  1. Kama houses are – 3,7,11
  2. Kama represents Desires, Wants, Sexual Pleasures all shorts of pleasures, Ambition in Life, etc.
  3. House 7 represents Spouse – Need for Sexual pleasure, 11th house represents Hopes, wishes, desires, ambition in Life – 3rd House represents creativity or the EFFORTS that you will be putting to achieve the goals



4. MOKSHA House:

  1. It is represented by: 4th, 12th and 8th house
  2. Moksha means Mukti or freedom from the cycles of life and death, liberation.
  3. The 4th house represents HAPPINESS, one can attain happiness only after liberation from materialism and journey to Spiritualism – 12th house which can happen only after death/ transformation/ change represented by the 8th house.



These are the 4 triangles of the Birth Chart..

This ends the important KENDRA and TRIKONE Parts.

Continue reading for more different types of house classification…

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