In order to quicken the process of making the D9 chart. Follow the hints for faster calculations: (PLEASE READ OLD BLOGS – PART 1-4 – otherwise this will be bouncer)


  1. Always start working from Aries (irrespective of the house Aries is placed in) and dividing it into 9 Parts – its easier if you want to calculate in a time consuming manner.
  2. Note that MOVABLE/CHARA Signs – 1,4,7,10 i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – will always have their 1st part as them itself.
    1. See diagram – Cancer’s 1st part is Cancer itself. Capricorn’s 1st part is Capricorn itself
  3. Then the 1st part of Next signs follows reverse order as : 1-10-7-4. 
    1. IMG_0848.JPG
    2. See 1st diagram – Tauras will have 1st part as 10, Gemini will have 1st part as 7 and Cancer as you know will have 1st part as 4 itself. (Back order 1-10-7-4)
  4. FOR FIXED SIGNS: 2,5 and 8th and 11th – Tauras, Leo and Scorpio, Aquarius – the 5th part of the sign will the sign itself. Example Tauras will have its 5th part as – Tauras itself (Verify in 1st diagram), Leo will have 5th part of Navamsha as Leo itself, Scorpio -5th part as Scorpio itself.
  5.  FOR DIURNAL SIGNS: 3,6,9,12 – Gemini, Virgo and SAGITTARIUS, Pisces – the 9th part of the sign will be itself. Example: 9th part of Gemini will be Gemini itself (Verify in 1st diagram), 9th part of Virgo is Virgo itself and Sag 9th part is Sag itself.
  6. This is the 1-5-9 Rule

From Above rules – Lets say you have CAPRICORN (10).

what can  you mentally deduct ?

Right, 1st part will be 10 So calculate from there on…

OR For, Aquarius – Lets say Mars is in 4th pada/part. Which sign will be Mars in D9 Chart??

You cannot go on calculating from Aries it will be tedious – so apply above rules


Aquarius is FIXED Sign… So its 5th part will have Aquarius (11) itself. (1-5-9 Rule: See 4th Point) So we have Mars in 4th part – SO if 5th has 11 (Aquarius) 4th will be 10(Capricorn).

So, in D9 chart – Mars will be in Capricorn – exalted.

Lets Say if Saturn is in 8th part of Aquarius ..Then >> we know 5th part of Aquarius (11) is Aquarius itself (11) from above rules. SO continue from 5th part  -11, 6th part – 12 (Pisces), 7th Part – 1 (Aries) and the 8th part will be 2 (Tauras). So Saturn in D9 chart will be in Tauras.(birth Chart in Aquarius)

Its Simple… If you cant undrestand – Read from Part 1 or elso just forget it softwares will do it for you… But its Basic and I guess you must know it..

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C ya …


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