We know that rashi of 30 degree is divided into 9 parts (Navamsha) – each of 3 degree 20 minutes.

The First part (Or pada) of ARIES (start from Aries always – whichever house it is placed in) is given A SIGN (Sub sign) starting from Sub signs Aries (1), then Tauras (2), then Gemini(3), and so on till Pisces (12). After Pisces (12) it restarts as Aries(1) and sequence continues….

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9: First Rashi  Aries..

10-11-12-1-2-3-4-5: Second Rashi say Tauras..

and the sequence continues….

If lets say 1st House has GEMINI(3) then 1st part will not be 1(Aries) it will be 7 (Libra). (See diagram circled below at 7 for Gemini – it is its 1st part)Note that sequence start from Aries.

I ll make it bit more complex look at the diagram..


Sorry for the pen Smudges.. 😦

Consider the 1st house has Aries (Bold marked as 1). We divide Aries in 9 parts (Navamsha).And give each part a sign starting from 1 (aries) as explained above. See diagram also.

Come to 2nd house – which has Tauras. We again divide Tauras in 9 parts and each part is given a sign in sequence of continuation from the last part of Aries which is 9. So the 1st part of the Tauras (See diagram – part circled in 2nd house) has the number 10 (Capricorn) – continuation of sequence…

Go to 3rd house: 3rd Sign Gemini is also divided into 9 parts and the parts receive numbering based on previous sign sequence of parts as 7 (Libra) to 3 . (7-8-9-10-11-12-1-2-3: see Diagram)

This continues… Hope you understood .. we will clear the example of previous blog in the next blog…

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