Astronomy – Zodiac Part 3

Have you wondered why all planets are seen only in ZODIAC BELT FROM EARTH ??? When the sky is so big.

Please refer previous blogs for understanding the basic.

We know that Zodiac extent is 8 degrees North and South of Ecliptic (Suns apparent orbit around earth). It is Seen that all planets from earth are seen in the Zodiac only.

The possible explanation can be attributed to the following:


In the above diagram, See the orbits of planets are more or less in the same plane See the Red line – the plane. They may be varying maximally may be 10 to 15 degrees but mostly are on same plane. i.e. to say all planets revolving around the sun are more or less in same plane as other planets though they may be in different position but plane of revolution around sun is more or less the same.

Consider this:

the_solar_system_by_icecold555-d55622l - part 2.png

Forget the old orbits. See the orbit of Mercury in Red, Venus in white, Jupiter in Blue Green. Do our planets revolve around the sun in that manner. NO.

If they would have we would have seen the planets distributed in the whole sky and not limited to Zodiac.

Also it is important to note that we are considering the Earth as the center and seeing from earth. So all planets revolving around the Sun more or less in the same plane will always tend to appear only in a particular band referred to as the Zodiac when seen from earth.

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