Astronomy – The Zodiac Part 2

Please read the previous blog before reading this one.


What to See?

  1. See the horizon (labelled in diagram). Horizon is a plane where earth and sky seem to meet.
  2. See where EAST and WEST are placed in the Diagram
  3. Notice the Sun position (it may be around 10 am). See ECLIPTIC – Sun’s path as Solid line with arrows.
  4. See the Zodiac – Area between dotted lines (See previous Blog)
  5. Note that All constellation/Signs and Planets will always be seen IN the Zodiac in the Sky.
  6. See the 1st sign rising in the east – It is CANCER. SO if you are born here at 10:00 am with Sun in Gemini your ascendant is Cancer. So, Ascendant is SIGN RISING IN THE EAST at Birth.
  7. Also Notice planets in the Zodiac – Moon in Tauras, Jupiter in Aries,Venus and Saturn in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius.
  8. Note that other 6 signs and remaining planets are not visible here. It means that they are visible to other half of of earth which is under Sun’s Shadow that is in Night time.

Important Concepts:

  1. Note that Signs/ Constellation APPEARS TO MOVE as actually earth rotates. Each sign moves after 2 and half hour approximately. So, after 2 and half hour the next sign in East will be LEO. (Actually the signs/constellation forming the Zodiac are fixed – but they appear to us moving as Earth is rotating. Planets also move – they are not fixed but seen on earth as moving in Zodiac along ECLIPTIC.
  2. Each Sign is basically a group of fixed stars called as Constellation.
  3. Signs APPEAR to move as Earth Rotates
  4. Planets Move But within the Zodiac only. They have their own orbits around Sun which is Oval/ elliptical as we know. But here we are Seeing it FROM EARTH AS CENTER. So things change and movement appears within Zodiac.
  5. Don’t Confuse the term ELLIPTICAL (its shape of orbits of planets around Sun) and ECLIPTIC (Orbit of Sun around earth as it appears from Earth)

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