#9 Bhavat Bhavam


Well, this is a concept in Astrology called as Bhavat Bhavam.

Lets start with an example.
Supposing you are seeing an astrological reading for children of a person from the person’s chart. Then to see the person’s children you refer his 5th house. Right ? (#6 Houses – Part 2 (Houses 5-8))

But for children you also see 9th house, WHY ???

Well this is the Bhavat Bhavam concept…..See that 9th house is 5th to the 5th house (Follow rules of previous blog for counting). SO this is the Bhavat Bhavam Concept.

Like for Career, Say you see the 10th house – that’s fine straight forward. But as per BHAVAT BHAVAM Concept you also have to see the 10th from the 10th House which is the 7th house – This is the Bhavat Bhavam Concept

It literally translates to Bhava means House in Sanskrit. SO BHAVAT BHAVAM is the House’s House 

Example with different outlook:

Now imagine I had a person’s chart and his father is not currently with him. But the boy wants to know about his Father’s Career and his does not have his father’s chart. So how do you See.. well that’s simple:

All you have to see is the house of Father .. Which is ? Yes the 9th House which represents father. So we know from basics that 10th house in the person’s chart represents his career/ profession.

So in order to see father’s Profession/career we consider Father’s 9th house of Boy’s Chart as 1st House and count 10 houses (as 10th house represents Career) from 9th house of father to see Father’s Career.

So, Counting 10 (Follow Rules as stated in previous blog) it comes to 6th house of the birth chart.

THIS 6th HOUSE of boy (for boy – 6 represents difficulties, job, disease, accidents) represents FATHER’s CAREER (as it is 10th to the Father’s House)

So Father’s Profession can be seen from 6th house of birth chart.

This is an example – The concept can be expanded to all queries.

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