#7 Houses – Part 3 (Houses 9-12)

Lets continue…

Please read old posts for background

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So, House 9 Represents:

  1. Your luck: As in How lucky you feel in this life
  2. Religion
  3. YOUR FATHER – Some take 10th house as Father – But as per Indian Texts it is better to consider 9th house as House of Father
  4. YOUR TEACHERS – Their teachings
  5. Represents HIGHER STUDIES – Like Post graduation


The 10th House represents:

  1. Your REPUTATION – How people see you
  2. Its the house of Karma Bhava – Often Careers are seen from this
  3. Some books consider this house as the Father – Directly opposite to 4th house of Mother


The 11th House represents – 

  1. Your Incoming gains – Income
  2. Network Circle
  3. Your friends – as in friends that help you gain business
  6. How Ambitious are you ?
  7. Connection to some institution/ Organisations


The 12th House represents – 

  1. Spirituality
  2. Isolation
  3. Hospitals/ JAIL
  4. Bed Pleasures
  5. It also represents LEFT EYE
  6. Its the house of Moksha
  8. Note that  is 12th to first house of self  – so represents higher self / spirituality. Like what happens when you die. 


Please do not go to literal meaning of houses. How and what representation comes into play as you learn details of Astrology. At Present just know this much !

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