#3 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Example

Here’s the Chart:

image-1  image-2

The 1st chart is North Indian and the second chart is South Indian type.

Can you guess which SIGN and PLANETS does 5th house contain ???

Take a look at North Indian Chart:


(Note: As – represents Ascendant or the 1st place where you start counting the houses)

Points to be noted:

  1. The Red circle is the 1st House AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE FIRST HOUSE no matter what sign number it contains. Here the Sign is 4: which is Cancer.
  2. Follow the black arrows to count the houses from 1 to 12.
  3. Now can you point out 5th House ?
  4. If you have understood you should be able to tell that it contains “Ke (Ketu) and Sa (Saturn) in the Sign 8 (Scorpio)
  6. For, North Indian Chart – HOUSE NUMBERING IS FIXED – Always starts from centre (The red circle and follows the count of arrows)

Take a look at South Indian Chart:

It seems more difficult ? Here Sign number and Houses are both are not numbered.

Well, it simple – remember where does 1st sign start from #2 Houses – Basics of Kundli – Have a look. Its always Aries and it starts from 2nd square of top row.

image 2.JPG

Note the following:

  1. Note all that is marked in black represents SIGNS. So see where Aries start – Sign 1 ( It is always fixed for South Indian Chart). Follow the BLACK arrows. This is how the signs are counted.
  2. Now, where is the 1st House ?? Look from Asc – As. Wherever As (Ascendant) is placed that becomes 1st house (Golden Rule) ( if you cant understand – just remember this)
  3. Now Follow Red numbering – the next box becomes 2nd House and so on.
  4. So here 5th House is where ? 2nd Box in last row.
  5. Can you tell by just looking at South Indian Chart Which house is Jupiter is in ?
  6. If you have understood:
    1. You would say Jupiter (Ju) is placed in 10th House and Sign of Aries (1)
  7. If you haven’t understood you would say:
    1. Jup is in 1st House.

If you cant get it – Reread the blog again or mail me

If you dont wanna mess up…Simply focus on North Indian Chart – Commonly used.

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