#1. Houses: Basics of Kundli

by: Dr. Rujit Desai

Have your ever seen a horoscope ? Yes, indeed you must have even if you dont believe in astrology… you must have seen somewhere

Below is the chart you must have seen commonly:


This is a Kundli (or Horoscope) It consists of  Square with 2 diagonals and 4 other lines from midpoint of border lines. That just gets complicated. Simply look at the figure above.

Each section in the box is called as house (may be a square or triangle in the larger square).

The houses are counted as below:


Note the word rising sign that is the place where you start counting as House Number 1,2,3 and so on… Note that counting the houses is from 1 to 12 in the ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction.

Thus, a KUNDLI is basic a birth chart with 12 houses. 

There are 2 type of Kundli in India. They are:


The above diagram is that of North Indian Style. It is most frequently used and easy to understand. I prefer the North Indian Style of Kundli (as stated above).

South Indian Style of Kundli I Shall explain in my next blog.

Hope you understood. If you liked it Simply click “Follow” and stay tuned for more.

Have a Great Day !!!


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