Mental Maths

For different ascendants it becomes difficult to check what sign it is in particular house. requires mental counting from ascendant ..time consuming and difficult
Here’s a simple technique
To know which sign occupies what house mentally. Do this:
  1. Consider your ascemdant sign number. Eg. Gemini – its number is 3
  2. Now if you want to find the sign in 8th house. SIMPLY SUBTRACT 1 from the house for which you want to find the sign ( 8th house – 1 = 7)
  3. Now add that number to the ascemdant sign. (Add number 7 to 3 ascemdant sign = 10 Capricorn)
  4. That gives your sign in that number. In case number is more than 12, simply subtract that number from 12. (Capricorn)
Example 2: to find 6th house for Pisces
  1. Ascendant number is 12
  2. 6th house – 1 = 5
  3. 12+5 = 17
  4. 17-12 = 5.
  5. So Leo (5) occupies 6th house for Pisces Ascendant

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